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UCI National Federations Newsletter #56 – 18.02.2019



Dear Members,

The UCI Management Committee, at its last meeting in Middelfart, Denmark, on 31 January – 1 February, examined and approved several amendments to the UCI Regulations as recommended by the various UCI Commissions.

This special edition of the UCI Newsletter focuses exclusively on the amendments to the UCI Regulations approved by the UCI Management Committee during the said meeting. For further information, we kindly invite you to consult the UCI website.

Beyond these regulatory amendments, the other decisions and measures adopted by the UCI Management Committee are outlined in the corresponding press release published after the meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact the UCI Sports Department if you have any queries concerning the content of this special edition of the UCI Newsletter.

David Lappartient


Following the entry into effect of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a policy concerning the collecting, processing and sharing of licence‐holders’ and other persons’ data between the UCI and National Federations has been implemented. This policy is published on the UCI website as specific section of the UCI Regulations. The Preliminary Provisions of the UCI regulations have also been amended to reflect this implementation.

The said policy aims to ensure that both the National Federations and the UCI are compliant with data protection laws, namely by respecting a set of obligations when collecting, processing and sharing data of licence‐holders or any other person involved in cycling.

National Federations will be required to include the said policy in their respective regulations.

Effective from 05.02.2019

Preliminary provisions (version on 05.02.2019)
Policy UCI – National Federations (version on 05.02.2019)


Electronic licences

National Federations may issue electronic versions of the existing standard licence format (article 1.1.024) as detailed in the UCI regulations.

This change recognises the frequent use, in this day and age, of electronic versions of identity documents. This solution will be more convenient for riders and will save on licence production costs for the National Federations.

Effective from 05.02.2019

Change of nationality

The purpose of this amendment (article 1.1.033) is to address an issue encountered in practice whereby riders ask for their change of nationality to be effective from a certain date in order to allow them to participate in a specific event. This amendment will avoid last minute requests for changes of nationality, thus allowing the UCI to review the application and sporting considerations, such as points, to be considered by stakeholders concerned (e.g. National Federations and event organisers).

Effective from 05.02.2019


Two articles in Part I of the UCI Regulations concerning commissaires have been updated. The first clarifies the conditions of the procedure for elite national commissaire selection (article 1.1052 bis) ; the second aims to ensure greater gender balance within the commissaires’ panel and confirms an increase in the number of commissaires appointed by the UCI and National Federations at major track and para-cycling events (article 1.2.116).

Effective from 05.02.2019


The UCI may require that prize money from organisers be paid into a specific bank account as part of a centralised platform for the distribution of prizes which will be managed by the UCI or a third party appointed by the UCI. This update concerns men’s professional cycling, namely for the UCI WorldTour, HC and Class 1 events.

The updated articles (1.2.071 – 1.2.073) set out the regulatory framework for the implementation of the centralised system for the management of prize money which will be implemented by the UCI as from 2019 (please note that further information on this subject shall be communicated to stakeholders in due course). In this context, the amendments also govern the obligations for organisers to prove the tax deductions made and the circumstances under which the UCI may withhold payment, in particular in the case of an anti-doping procedure.

Effective from 01.02.2019

Onboard technology

The amendment of article 1.3.024 ter provides that any use of onboard technology equipment shall require the approval of the UCI. The article further prohibits the transmission of live data during a race, without prejudice to authorisations granted by the UCI.

Article 1.3.024 quater enables the UCI to deploy devices on bikes to flight technological fraud.

Effective from 15.02.2019

An update to article 1.3.073, which relates to riders’ identification in competition, allows the deployment and use of technology by the UCI and/or organisers to track the position of a rider within a race.

Effective from 15.02.2019

Riders’ equipment

A clarification to article 1.3.033 is provided to prohibit the application of any substance onto a garment or skin to improve aerodynamic performance.

Effective from 04.03.2019

Clothing and jersey

Modifications have been implemented to harmonise the design of national team clothing in track races. A clarification is also provided in the case of the Madison and the wearing of the World Champion jersey (articles 1.3.058 et 1.3.063).

Effective from 04.03.2019

Handlebar and body number dimensions

Modifications to the dimensions of the handlebar number plate and body numbers for mountain bike events have been implemented (article 1.3.075).

Effective from 01.01.2019

Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport (version on 15.02.2019)
Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport – Amendments to regulations as from 01.02.2019
Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport – Amendments to regulations as from 05.02.2019
Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport – Amendments to regulations as from 15.02.2019
Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport – Amendments to regulations as from 04.03.2019
(version on 05.02.2019)


Men’s professional road cycling

Regulatory texts pertaining to the reorganisation of men’s professional road cycling include modifications to the rankings (effective from 01.01.2019), the deadline to declare intention to apply for a UCI WorldTeam licence – which is 1 April 2019 for 2020-2022 – as well as the new sporting criterion for UCI WorldTeams (both effective from 05.02.2019).

Women’s professional road cycling

In line with the 2020 women’s professional road cycling reform, the basis for calculating the UCI women’s continental teams has been modified and is obtained by adding together the points of their 8 best riders (instead of 4) in the individual ranking.

Effective from 01.02.2019

Part II – Road Races (version on 05.02.2019)
Part II: Road Races – Amendments to Regulations as from 01.02.2019
Part II: Road Races – Amendments to Regulations as from 05.02.2019


Various modifications have been approved by the UCI Management Committee in order to harmonise, modify and clarify various subjects amongst disciplines or events.

Effective from 04.03.2019

Part III: Track Races – Amendments to Track Regulations with effects on 04.03.2019

PART VI bis : BMX 

BMX Freestyle Competitions

Key modifications in the BMX Freestyle regulations include the creation of a quota system for the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Championships to ensure that the event can be completed in the time available, while also ensuring that the best riders are present and that every country can enter at least one rider in each category.

It also covers the introduction of a minimum number of UCI points to participate in UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup events to ensure that the events can be completed in the time available, while also ensuring that the best riders from the previous world cup series can enter and that every country can enter at least one rider in each category.

Other changes to the regulations include a better definition of the characteristics of the field of play for BMX Freestyle Park, a clarification regarding C1 events having to be open contests and not by invitation only and the introduction of an official warning as a penalty for various types of minor misconduct.

Effective from 02.02.2019

Part VI bis: BMX Freestyle (version on 02.02.2019)
Part VI bis: BMX Freestyle – Rules amendments in force on 02.02.2019



Adaptation of the article 9.2.027 bis regarding the eligibility criteria of participants in the Track World Championships.

Effective from 04.03.2019

Part IX: Track World Championships – Rules amendments in force on 04.03.2019


Various small amendments to update or clarify the regulations related to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Effective from 15.02.2019

Part XI: Olympic Games (version on 15.02.2019)

Part XI: Olympic Games – Amendments to regulations as from 15.02.2019


Race Fines

At its meeting in September 2018, the UCI Management Committee confirmed that all race fines for International Calendar Races are to be collected by the UCI. Indeed, certain National Federations, by virtue of a historical agreement, levied the fines directly on their territory and the UCI has decided to remove this advantage limited only to some National Federations. In order to reinstate fairness, it has been decided that 50% of fines collected will be redistributed to all National Federations at the end of the year, based on the race’s territory. These amendments shall ensure uniform application of the regulations and ensure equal financial opportunities for National Federations – this is reflected in the Financial Obligations.

In practical terms, the UCI will invoice fines based on the Commissaires’ reports. If your Federation has collected fines in the past by making direct deductions from Prize Money, please contact that UCI legal department ( to agree the optimal process.

The amendments agreed on this matter in January 2019 aim at clarifying the split of competence (article 12.3.005) and the process for invoicing race fines (article 12.3.006), in particular regarding currencies (fines in CHF and invoiced in EUR) as well as joint liability (article 12.3.009) when a rider races for his national team and the right to draw on a bank guarantee deposited with a national federation (UCI Continental and Women’s teams).

Effective from 15.02.2019

Part XII: Discipline and Procedures as from 15.02.2019


The regulations governing para-cycling have been modified and include an update of the standard performance factors based on new data obtained from the latest results (article 16.1.005), an addition to require athletes to participate in classification research (16.4.002), an update to road race and time trial distances to guarantee minimum distances during UCI events (article 16.7.002), and finally a change which ensures each sport class has its own event and title during the scratch race (article 16.8.014), which was previously combined.

Effective from 01.02.2019

Part XVI: Para-cycling (version on 01.02.2019)
Part XVI: Para-cycling – Rules amendments in force on 01.02.2019


The calculation of the UCI Para-cycling Games Road and Track Combined ranking has been updated.

Tokyo 2020 – Qualification Guide – Appendix 1

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