Pozvánka na maratonské MS Masters 2021

Pozvánka na maratonské MS Masters, které proběhne od 22. do 26.9. v Toskánsku.

Press release 9th August 2021



For the first time, UCI awards the Master MTB Marathon

The attractive Tuscany hosts another “world premiere” after 1991

From 35 years to over 70, 48 medals to conquer, the dish is rich

The race is on 25th September, 64 km in the “Valle del Serchio”, unforgettable!

Carpe Diem. “Seize the day boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”

Do you remember Robin William’s quote in “Dead Poets Society”? Well, 25th September is the day to seize for MTB lovers and for long-distances bikers or not: it’s the first UCI Master Marathon World Championship. Italy will host this event, in specific, Tuscany: the area of “Ciocco” and the magical land of Garfagnana where another “first”  of the international MTB took place, the European race of the MTB World Championship in 1991, the second World Championship in history.

“Masters” only, according to UCI rules, are allowed to participate. There is no need for international licenses or particular permissions: you only need a lot of training, which, in September should be achieved.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” said Oscar Wilde. Hence, it is worth to save the date for 25th September: get your MTB ready, sign-up (https://www.cioccobike.it/en/event/masters-mtb-marathon-world-championships) and book a nice week-end at Ciocco, where hotels or cottages are literally two-steps away from the track.

The organizing committee announces a 64 km-track, divided into two laps, useful to the Masters’supporting personal during the race, with a total difference in height of 2.600 meters. Ciocco and Valle del Serchio’s track seems to be drawn for the “true” MTB, giving unique emotions while biking off-road. In this World Championship UCI Master Marathon race, there are a few short blacktop distances, some more in comparison to the test event: the right amount to take a breath after the up and downs of the old-fashioned MTB, technical but not cross-country, it is pure marathon.

Guidelines allow to the competition all those who are subscribed to a federation in line with UCI; age range goes to 35 to over 70, for men as for women, with eight categories.

Ciocco is a 600 hectares vast private estate, particularly loved by the poet Giovanni Pascoli, and hosts an excellent bike park with the Pump Track Dome, the biggest covered structure in Italy for this specialty.

UCI Master Marathon World Championship is too good an opportunity not to spend a little holiday in this attractive area, especially in September. Fall’s colors clothe chestnut groves, woods are rich in mushrooms, and Tuscany is renowned for his dishes and wines of the surrounding areas. Anyhow, the main reason is that bikers will write a special page on MTB’s history book: for the first time, a world title and medals are to be assigned. 48 medals are divided into gold, silver or bronze for men and women; and above all, there’s the rainbow jersey, worth showing off more than a trophy. 

Registrations are open until 21st September…. But, don’t waste any time. Ciocco area offers different, but not limitless, accommodations, better to get on with it. Info: https://ciocco.it/en/accomodations-in-tuscany/hotels  and  0583 719401.

Whoever desires to re-live the heroic ventures of 1991, Ciocco hosts “Revival”, open to old champions and new bikers on 26th September: you just need a pre-2000 bike, with no carbon frame, and a desire to have fun.

Info: www.cioccobike.it/en